Ronan Country Fiber's Rosetta

RCF Rosetta has been a wonderful doe. She has kept dark, extremely fine mohair into her adulthood. I was quite impressed with her mothering skills and attentiveness to her March 2011 twins she gave me this year. I’m happy to have her here and look forward to spinning her rich, taupe mohair.



Riley at 1 year. He looks light, but his kid clip spun up a surprising intense shade of taupe. I’m eager to see if his second clip is as dark.

He is outgoing, funny, very friendly, loves to eat and will make you laugh at both his looks and his antics.

He is FOR SALE. Contact me for details.

Riley’s Baby Pictures. He was born March 17th, 2010. His kid fleece was so super soft and intensely colored. I’m eager to see what his second clip will be like.