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Juniper has moved on to a new home up in Washington, so perhaps the farm  is quieter with out my “baby boy with the big mouth”

Rosetta was a wonderful mother. I’d like to breed both her and Jasmine this fall.


 Juniper is a red-brown twin buckling, with ice blue eyes. His sister is a nice “UPS” brown without the red overtones. She has a white star on her forehead and they both have blue eyes, which sadly don’t show up well in these pics.  The dam RCF Rosetta is a nice dark doe from Carol Ronan’s brown line out of Poppy. (Captain Crunch is her sire) Rosetta is a dark red/brown doe with Brooks background – also related to BillyGoat Mountain Rusty – multi show champion brown buck.

Juniper’s sire, RCF Buster was 2nd place national yearling buck at Estes Park. Another of Buster’s offspring, Spencer, was Dr. Speck’s choice for Champion buck at Black Sheep Gathering in 2010 – another brown buck who has bright blue eyes.
Buster also sired the 2010 Champion Colored buck and best fleece buck kid at BSG 2010. He is a beautiful brown blue eyed buck that throws dark brown kids.

Last night RCF Rosetta delivered her dark brown twin kids – a little buckling, and slightly smaller doeling with a white star on her forehead.

We’ve had a lot of snow this year. Here are some updated pictures of Little Riley and his new mohair coat. I’ve been spinning up his first clip and it is the softest stuff ever!!!! and such intense color as well!

Little Riley eating

I’ve also included a picture of Riley’s new friend, RCF Rosetta. She has a diffident, yet lovely personality. She’s really grown on me the short time she’s been here – so gentle and sweet. I’m hoping that the kids we are expecting this spring will have all her wonderful characteristics. The dad is RCF Buster, a taupe buck.


Funny Riley

Little Riley has grown a lot of mohair this summer. It will be time to shear him soon. He is such a funny little fellow!