Here are some pictures of Lette and Odell’s second litter this spring – 3 REW does, 2 black bucks and 2 Blue Tortoiseshells – 1 buck and 1 doe. It looks like the two blue tortes were hiding when I took these pictures of the family enjoying their clover! I keep my rabbits in “unconventional” caging. They have 24/7 access to fresh air, sunlight, lawn grass/dandelions. Their hutches give them a place to get out of the weather, as well as keeping their food and hay dry. And the fully wire covered attached runs give them safe places to “mow” the lawn, enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and exercise. There are wheels under the heavy hutch-end of their cage. So after they have “fertilized” one area of the lawn for a while, I just pick the other end of the cage and roll it forward on its wheels to give them fresh ground.